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Our Mission

Our Mission East Texas Fitness

Our mission is to inspire our community to actively pursue the fitness goals of their dreams!  We recognize that each and every person is different and that means that our bodies have different needs, too!  East Texas Fitness truly is THE PLACE for you to workout at YOUR own pace and get the exact workout YOU need in order to reach the fitness goals of YOUR dreams!

Along with our exciting, innovative and effective workouts, we incorporate techniques that challenge our members both physically and mentally.  We encourage our members to focus on the health and fitness goals of the future, as well as their health and fitness goals of right now.  We want our members to have the ability to always be active, healthy and fit.  Our priority is to provide our fitness community with an atmosphere that is the perfect mix of CHALLENGE, FOCUS, DETERMINATION and MOTIVATION.  Our highly trained staff aim to ensure that our workouts provide the opportunity that each individual member needs in order for him/her to reach their goals (both present and future).

Our fitness family is made up of all kinds of different people, leading all kinds of different lives!  We pride ourselves on the welcoming and encouraging environment that we have created.  Upon visiting our program, we have no doubt that you will instantly feel welcome and encouraged.  Please remember that your FIRST CLASS is always FREE and that we would love to show you what we have to offer YOU and the health and fitness goals of YOUR dreams!

We invite you to VISIT OUR STUDIO SOON and if you have any questions, please reach out to us.  Here’s to being ACTIVE, HEALTHY and FIT (forever)!