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Women's Adventure Fitness Boot Camp in East Texas, bootcamp for women, East Texas adventure boot camp
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Women's Fitness Camp in East Texas

 Infinitely Fit

East Texas Adventure Boot Camp for Women and Men - Tyler, Texas
Are you looking to lose weight and improve your fitness? Then East Texas Adventure Boot Camp based in Tyler and Jacksonville is for you. Our unique training program is designed for women and men of all fitness levels, sizes and ages with the ability to help you reach your fitness goals, lose weight, gain strength and reduce body fat.
Whether you're a beginner, fitness enthusiast or tired of the same old routine our Boot Camp is for you. Our four-week outdoor / indoor fitness program includes twenty one hour sessions, personal training, nutritional counseling along with before and after assessments. So if you want to lose those unwanted pounds, boost self-confidence, reach your fitness goals and feel great on the inside and out then join our Boot Camp family today.
Adventure Boot Camp for Women

East Texas Fitness Training

- Reduced Body Fat (3-5%)
- Weight Loss (5-12lbs)
- Improved Strength (24%)
- Gain In Self Confidence (100%)
- Lose Inches From Midsection (1-3'')
- Improved Endurance (25%)
- Better Relaxation
- Improved Posture




What you can expect from             East Texas Adventure Boot Camp:
  • One hour a day, five days a week, for 4 weeks
  • Dynamic instruction from a Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Spaces fill quickly for this unique experience!
  • MAJOR increases in physical endurance, performance, and fat burning potential
  • MAJOR results in weight and body fat loss
  • MAJOR improvements in self- confidence, emotional health, and overall happiness
  • MAJOR guidance to help you reach your nutritional goals
  • MAJOR coaching to help you perform your best and get the best out of each workout
  • MAJOR encouragement to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!
East Texas fitness
All shapes, sizes and abilities! If you are at a level 1 or at a 10, you WILL get a work-out to accommodate your goals!

For More Information, Contact us at (903) 330-8392 or e-mail Melanie@EastTexasFitness.com
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